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What is IPL-Intense Pulsed Light

IPL is a non invasive technology that uses light therapy for

  • Permanent Hair reduction
  • Acne
  • Superficial capillaries
  • Photo-rejuvenation
  • Age spots, sun spots, freckles
How does it work?
The light energy is absorbed into certain target cells which then converts to heat. The heat damages the target cells whilst leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. Many people may be treated with IPL however there are certain medical conditions and other contra indications that may prevent treatment. A thorough consultation is provided before any treatment commences to assess your suitability for treatment and to answer any questions you may have.

How LED works.

LED is light therapy and  is widely recognised as a valued beauty treatment. It works by emitting light that penetrates deep in to the skin  which stimulates cells to produce proteins, lipids elastin and collagen fibers. These are needed to repair damage such as wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, sagging and enlarged pores all at the same time.

What can be treated with LED?

Wrinkles and fine lines. Skin tightening and firming. Blemishes and redness. Anti ageing. Age spots and hyper-pigmentation on face. Acne and Acne scarring.

Is it safe?

The light source does not have any harmful UVA and UVB. The wavelengths used in the lamps are scientifically proven for effective treatments. The treatment is not painful and does not cause trauma to the skin, nor is there any downtime.

Permanent Hair Reduction

Unwanted hair is no longer a problem

There are many options to remove unwanted hair and modern IPL has been designed for the efficient and effective long-term reduction of hair growth. Permanent hair reduction is now both efficient and relatively pain free. Most people require approximately 6 to 8 treatments  every 4-10 weeks.

There are a number of factors that will determine which treatment is best for you; they include the location of the unwanted hair, coarseness, hair colour and skin colour. The procedures are fast and there is generally no down time. The launch of latest technology SHR brings speed and excellent comfort to treatments, making full body hair reduction fast and effective.

Recent sun exposure, use of Roaccutane within 6 month of treatment, eczema, dermatitis (in treatment area) and a few other indications will prevent treatment, so ensure you consult thoroughly with your practitioner prior to any treatment.

Skin Rejuvenation

Signs of prematurely aged skin appear as loss of skin tone, fine lines, dehydration, poor skin colour and elasticity. 

IPL treatments targets cell turnover and stimulates collagen production.

The cost will depend on the number of treatments required, which is determined by your skin type and the colour and size of the area being treated. Some people choose to have their neck and décolletage, and sometime their hands, treated as well as a full face. This is because the hands and neck are a key indicator of chronological age and almost impossible to hide.

Many practitioners recommend a series of treatments, 4-6 at monthly intervals, depending on the exact treatment modality.

For even better results combine with LED treatments.

Vascular Lesions

Capillaries, veins and general redness can all be treated.

We have an answer for vascular lesions often found on face, neck, chest and hands. Intense pulsed light can be used very efficiently to treat these vascular abnormalities. We use light energy directed precisely to the chromophores in the skin to target and eliminate the unwanted vessels.

The light is preferentially absorbed by haemoglobin [ red chromophores ] within the capillary or the vascular lesion. The absorbed light is converted to heat, which alters the capillary wall promoting its removal.The cost will depend on the number of treatments, which is determined by your skin type and the colour and size of the area being treated. Most vascular lesions can be removed within 2 – 12 session spaced 4-8 weeks apart.


Unwanted freckles, age spots and sun spots are a thing of the past.

 How does pigmentation removal work? An intense pulse of light is released via a handpiece which specifically targets the pigmented lesions. As the photons from the light hit the molecules of the chromophores [coloured targets] within the skin the light turns to heat, destroying the lesions, all while leaving the surrounding skin structure unaffected.

The cost will depend on the number of treatments, which is determined by your skin type and the colour, and size of the area to be treated. The most likely program will comprise treatment over 4 to 8 sessions spaced 4 to 8 weeks apart.


Treatment for teen and adult acne

A number of factors can cause or worsen acne;

  • Hormones cause the sebaceous [oil] to enlarge and overproduce oil that clogs the pores, along with dead skin cells, and build up in the pores where bacterial porphyrins can flourish.
  • Some drugs such as steroids, can worsen acne.
  • Studies have shown that a diet high in dairy and some carbohydrates, particularly bread and chips, can cause or worsen acne.
  • Stress has been shown to cause or worsen acne.

The good news is that acne can effectively be treated with LED and IPL by treating the congested area and leaving the skin healthy and clear. And research has proven that the blue LED light kills the Propionibacterium acnes (or P. acnes) – the acne bacteria.

Your practitioner will explain that the treatment cycle will be more frequent at the start of therapy, and then a maintenance program of less frequent treatment can be adopted. You may also be offered a specific skin care program to support, and not inflame, the skin during your treatment.

For even better results combine with LED treatment.

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